Matt. 7:12

Roy Osborne
February 2011


The 12th verse of chapter 7 begins with the word “Therefore”.   This word means that the statement to follow is based upon what has gone before.  It requires much thought on the part of the student to see the connection here, and I want us to consider it carefully because of the sweeping statement of Jesus that this sums up the entire law and the prophets.   I would emphasize that anything which sums up the entire law and the prophets must be a fundamental principle upon which everything is based.  So, let us examine what has gone before, that led Jesus to make this statement.

He said, “If you [being imperfect] know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more does God [who is perfect] give good gifts to them that ask Him ?”  In order to understand this, we must realize that God hears and responds to every prayer.  However, He does not always give us what we ask.  He, who is perfect and all-wise, only gives us what is best.  Jesus is saying that those who want to be like the Father, will always give to others the best, or, in other words, what you would want given to you. 

Jesus further states that the entire law, and the prophets’ messages, were all based on this principle.   The principle is that every law He gave to men, and every message He sent by the prophets, was based upon what was good and best for His creatures.  All was based upon His love for mankind, and His desire that they love Him and choose to follow the way He led.

Therefore, we should continue to ask…to knock…and to seek His blessings, for then we would always be guided by what is best, no matter what our requests might be.   So long as we stay in constant communication with Him, we remain aware of His presence in our lives, and we worship Him by admitting our need for Him as the source of everything we have.

The Golden Rule, then, is based upon the fact that we are all  His children, and that He wants us to treat each other the way He does.   Treat others the way we want the Father to treat us, and treat them as you want to be treated, i.e., not on the basis of what you deserve, but on the basis of what is best for you.