Acts 5
Roy Osborne
February 2012


As tragic as the story of Ananias and Sapphira is, it emphasizes two very important things that we should not forget.  The first of these is that the assembly of the church is not made up of perfect people.  Not all of these early Christians were completely dedicated in spite of the great show of unity and joy shown by the group.  The Bible never shows its heroes without any faults.  Moses struck the rock, failing to strictly obey God’s instructions and took part of the credit for the blessings God had given.  David committed grievous sin in the incident with Bathsheba, but was otherwise a man “after God’s own heart”.  God does not demand perfection, just total faith in Him and dedication to His purposes.

There are many who excuse their failure to be a part of the Lord’s family by pointing to the failures of its members.   We do not eschew participation with any other group on the basis of the fact that some
of the members are hypocrites.   There is no real reason to not be a part of the Lord’s family except a failure to have faith in Him.  I will tolerate the most obnoxious members of His family if I can only have a personal relationship with the Father.

The second lesson to be learned from this story is that all sin is against God.   We may wrong our fellowman, but the sin is against God.  David said in Psalms 51:4 “Against thee and thee alone have I sinned”.  In spite of the fact that he had killed a man, he said the sin was against God.  We need to remember this.  We may do harm to people, but in so doing, we sin against God.  Therefore, no man can
forgive sin.   Only God can do that, for the sin is against Him.

It is also important to realize that if we do good, it is for God.  That is what He wants us to do, and when we do, it may help others, but we glorify the Father.  James said, “He that knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin”.  To do wrong is to sin against God, but to have the ability to do good and not use it is also a sin against God.  Because He gave me my life and all I have, it must be dedicated to His service.
In Jesus’ words, “Deny self, take up your cross, and follow Me”.