Chapter 5

Roy  Osborne
February 2015


I want you to picture the scene.  Jesus has gone up on the mountain, away from the crowd, and the men He must depend on to take His message to the world gather there to listen to the greatest lesson any teacher could ever teach.  What a privilege these men had, and they were to realize the full importance of this lesson only after
the teacher had been sacrificed on the Cross and had come back from the grave to write finis to His work.  However, each of these men would then realize the important responsibility that was his and some of them would even have to face death in order to tell this story to the world.  What an incredible treasure the Son of God laid upon the minds and hearts of this small group of His dedicated followers.  Every word is a treasure within itself, and as we read and study them, we can marvel that the God of the Universe has preserved them for us to use and to find in them the very meaning and purpose of our lives.  The next “beautiful” that Jesus utters gives us the key.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”.  The word for “meek” in the Greek language has no exact translation into English.  We must look deeply into the word Jesus used here in order to get the real personality trait that He wanted to convey.  Our English use of the word “meek” carries a weak and ineffectual interpretation.  This is certainly not what Jesus meant by the word.  Moses was said to be a meek man, and yet his power to lead and his command of himself leave no question of the wonder of his personality.  There are many facets to this word if we follow all the Greek uses.  However, let us sum up all that the word really conveys to us.  In short, a meek man is one who has invested himself fully in something that is greater than himself.  He has tamed and has control of all of his nature so that he never loses himself in personal reactions to any situation.  He has complete control of his temper, his animal desires and all other forces in his personality, so that none of them controls him.  He is in control of himself at all times, and directs his energy and his whole life to that which he considers the most important purpose in life.  The Christian man is totally dedicated to Jesus Christ, and his every decision and action is controlled by this factor.  That is meekness, and it represents incredible strength rather than any soft or weak personal trait.

A wise man once said, “The man who can control himself is the master of the world”.  This is what Jesus meant when He said, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”.  As one tames an animal to make it “meek”, i.e., under control, so the meek man is under God’s control in any situation, and nothing on this earth can overcome or defeat him.