Chapter 5

Roy Osborne
April 2015


Jesus only deals specifically with two of the Ten Commandments, but while we are talking about the Law, I would like to look at more of this important part of the Law of God.  The first two Commandments are of supreme importance and need to be carefully examined, for they have a definite effect on our everyday life and on the religious concepts being taught today.  While we are no longer under the Law, this principle will always apply.

The very first command is the most important of all.  When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, He said we should love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.  When speaking to Satan during the Temptation, Jesus quoted the command as given in Deuteronomy: “Thou shalt worship the Lord Thy God, and Him ONLY shalt thou serve!”

The second command says not to make an image of anything in earth, above the earth or under the earth.  This not only condemns idols but says that man is not to try to even make an image of God, who is Spirit.  In short, He is emphasizing that God and God alone is to be worshipped.  We are not to worship any image of Him or any who claim to be His representatives.  Unfortunately many have ignored this and have urged the worship of men, of woman, of so-called saints and others.  This is the ultimate blasphemy.  God alone is to be worshipped, not an idol of Him, a messenger from Him, not even an angel come down from Heaven.  When an angel, sent from God, appeared to John on the Isle of Patmos, John bowed down to him, but the angel said, “Don’t do that.  I am just a servant.  Worship only God!”  (Rev. 19:10)    Even Peter, sent by God to the house of Cornelius to make the first Gentile convert, when Cornelius bowed to him, he said, “Stand up.  I am just a man”. (Acts 10:26) He was telling all that were gathered there that only God is to be worshipped.  That principle must never be violated, for God alone is to be the object of our worship, and not even His representatives are due reverence.

This covers the first two of the Ten Commandments, and if these are not observed, the rest do not matter.  God and Jesus Christ must be worshipped and no other.  Jesus is a part of God, for John tells us that the Word was in the beginning with God and WAS God, then that He became flesh and dwelt among us.  So he was talking about Christ, and He and God are One.  We have One God, and He alone must be the object of our worship.