Chapter 3

Roy Osborne
July 2013


Toward the end of chapter 3 in this second letter to Timothy, Paul
cautions him against the writings which the Gnostics and the heretics used to support their claims.   Instead, he urged Timothy to hold fast to the scriptures, which his mother and grandmother had taught him all of his life.  While these “scriptures” were the books of Law, they were what Paul called “inspired of God”, or, as one version has it,
“God breathed”.  This is an extremely important concept, for it means that everything we have in the Holy Scriptures comes directly from God Himself.

I have known people who wanted a “red letter” New Testament, for it has all the words of Jesus in red.  They feel that the words of Jesus are the only really important part of the Bible.  Others have said they
do not like the attitude of Paul in his writings, so they dismiss them and only read other writers, or just the Gospels.  However, in this passage, Paul specifically says, “ALL scripture is given by the inspiration of God”.

When Jesus came to earth as a man, it was to make man see and believe what otherwise he could never have understood.  God, who is Spirit, is beyond the comprehension of earthbound creatures.  The message of the Gospel is far beyond the imagination of any human being.  Even the disciples of Jesus never got the idea of what the Kingdom of God was.  Before His resurrection, they still asked Him if He was going to restore the Kingdom to Israel.  The concept of an Eternal Spiritual Kingdom was beyond them.

Jesus chose ordinary men…fishermen, etc., as His disciples so that ordinary people could identify with them.  No kings or prominent heroes were in the company of His disciples.  However, that also underlines the fact that such men could not possibly understand and write the facts and details of God’s plan for the salvation of sinful man.   This is why these men were told to wait in Jerusalem until they could be filled with the Spirit of God to lead them in proclaiming the Truth.

The only books we have in our New Testament today are books written by these men, or those few men who accompanied them and also shared the gift of God’s Spirit to guide them.  Every word that we have, then, is “God breathed”, or, as Paul put it, “inspired of God”.

Because the Bible is the only definitive contact we have with God, it is inconceivable that He would leave His only record in the hands of fallible men, to be transmitted to the creatures He so wanted to know and love Him.   He may have left the style and mode of writing to them, but the essential message comes directly from God Himself.
When you read your Bible, if you do so with serious thought and humble appreciation for the Sacred Word, you are reading a message from God.  It should be read with humble gratitude and careful concentration, for these are the very Words of Life, and they are a personal message from your Father to you.  They are not given for the multitudes to hear, but for every individual heart to receive from the One who loves you most…the only One who can forgive your sins, and the ONLY One to be worshipped on this earth.  No man authored this Book and no man is due your worship…only God.