Romans  7
Roy Osborne
October 2012


The most discouraging thing to the conscientious Christian is that, no matter how much he wants to please God and be led by His Spirit, he continues to sin.  Paul speaks to this problem in the 7th chapter.  He makes it clear that the old law was not imperfect, and therefore needed to be replaced by a different law.  That law was given by God, and was perfect for the purpose He intended.  He gave it so that man would know the clear difference between right and wrong.  It also served to teach us that man could never perfectly live up to the will of God.  Therefore, the Old Law could never save us.  It could only condemn us when we failed to live up to it.  So the rule of law was
replaced by grace…God’s gift of His Son.  But the law still defines sin and needs to be heeded.

In graphically illustrating this, Paul uses his own experience as the example.  He found that the old law said, “Thou shalt not covet”.  He
realized that the very fact that covetousness was condemned made him want, even more, the things he could not have .  We live in a world of sin.   Our very physical nature makes us have desires we should not have.   Paul said that it was not him (the Paul who wanted to be a servant of God) that sinned, but the earth man living in him, with all its earthly desires, that sinned.  All of us have a spirit living in an earthly body.  The desires of that earthly body are in conflict with the spirit’s growth into an obedient child of God.

However, God, knowing this impossible dilemma that we would face, made a way of escape.  Paul proclaimed it in these words, “Oh wretched man that I am.  Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?”   Then the answer!  “Thanks be to God, through Our Lord Jesus Christ”.  Knowing that man could never be perfect, He has, through His grace, given us a way of escape.   It is called “forgiveness”, and it comes through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  “The wages of sin is death”, but He died in our stead.  Consequently,
in spite of the fact that we can never be perfect, God’s forgiveness,
through our acceptance of Jesus Christ in true faith, treats us as if
we were perfect.  In other words, in response to our faith, He justifies us, and this gives eternal life to the one condemned to death .

So remember that the law of God is still perfect, and He wants us to live by it and keep it.  However, when we fail, and the earth man always will, we do not have to despair.  God’s grace, coupled with our faith in Jesus Christ, bridges the sinful gap and keeps us in that companionship that the Father wants.  This means He wants me to
maintain a personal relationship with Him by keeping Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life, and walking daily with Him.