Romans 5:12-21

Roy Osborne
September 2012


It is important for us to understand the 5th chapter of Romans, for in it Paul speaks to the very heart of our salvation.  Nothing could be more important than this.

Paul says that Adam brought death to all men.  He did this by introducing sin into the perfect world God had made.  “The wages of sin is death”, because sin separates us from the source of life, which is God.  So when men lived in, and participated in, a world of sin, they died, and that is still the reason for death.  We are all sinners.

Paul says that even those who did not break a commandment of God, as Adam did, still commit moral sins, which are contrary to the perfection of God.  Anything that is contrary to the will of God is sin.  Therefore, all men are subject to death, even if there is no written law broken.  So Adam, by introducing sin into the world, brought death to all.

But, God wanted man, who, by his sins, is separated from God, to be reconciled to Him and live with Him eternally.  So Christ came and died on the Cross so that His death could answer for the penalty of sin.   This was universal, i.e., for all mankind.  However, because man was given a free choice by God, the gift was not forced on him.  He has to choose to accept it.  That choice is when he accepts Jesus
Christ…His life, His death, His resurrection and His willingness to dwell in the man who places his faith in Him.  Then, death for the
Christian is only a temporary transition from the physical earth to eternal life in Heaven with the Father.

What this means, in simple terms, is that Adam brought death to all by creating a world of sin.  Christ brought life to all by offering a way to have sin forgiven.  Man cannot be perfect and will always be a sinner, but God is willing to treat him as if he were perfect, if he accepts the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in complete faith.   This forgives his imperfection and allows him to “be perfect, as his Heavenly Father is perfect”, which Jesus ordered in the Sermon on the Mount.  It is something no man could achieve.  So it is the gift of God.  That is what God’s grace means, and it is the only hope of mankind.