Roy Osborne
August 2014


Before examining the last three of these seven basic principles of Christian growth, I want to re-emphasize the importance which Peter attaches to them.  He closes the list by saying that the one who applies these principles to his life will not be unfruitful.  The import of this is that the Christian life is a process of growth.  It is not a case of joining the church, and sitting back comfortably as a secure member awaiting the promise of heaven.  One who is a Christian is one who is activated by his faith and grows stronger in every spiritual way day by day.  There is no time for rest, for the Lord has warned us that the Devil is roaming about seeking anyone who does not keep his knowledge of the Lord alive and his faith active in overcoming Satan’s world.

To further drive home his point, Peter says anyone who does not pursue these attributes of Christian growth is blind and shortsighted.  In other words, he is not aware of the fact that we are all victims of sin, and does not clearly see what his laxity of faith will ultimately result in.  He has not remembered that the sacrifice of the Lord was to forgive the sins which condemned him, and that that forgiveness was only offered to him if he walked daily with Jesus Christ.  John tells us that Jesus walks in the light, and that means that Jesus exemplified and still exemplifies all of these spiritual characteristics.  So only by daily working to add these principles to your life will you be walking in the light where forgiveness for your ongoing sins is offered.  Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you must continue to remain in His life by imitating daily the way that He lived and the path that He would have you to follow.

Nothing, therefore, could be more important for one who aspires to be a Christian with a certain hope of everlasting life, than a serious effort to daily grow in each of these spiritual principles.  As someone has said, “An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop”.  So the satisfied Christian, who stops exercising his faith, is the ideal target for Satan’s purposes.