Chapter 11

Roy Osborne
November 2013


The 11th chapter of the book of Hebrews is not only an in-depth definition of faith but a complete history of faith which moved the great heroes of Israel to follow God’s plan through the ages, in spite of the difficulties which stood in their path.  In most instances they fought against incredible odds and acted despite things which seemed to them impossible.  Aware of God’s will, they ignored all human reason and logic and followed the plan laid out for them, only because of their faith in God’s will.  That is the very definition of faith in action.  It means to believe the impossible and not be deterred by what seems reasonable to the human mind.  David, in the Psalms, says over and over again that God’s ways are unfathomable and not the ways of man.

We live in this world, and our environment is difficult to ignore.  However, we hope for a better world, where sin, suffering and death do not abide.  Faith is the only link we have to that world.  It makes us know that what exists in this world is temporary and flawed.  That is why Faith is the key.  It takes us out of the logical conclusions of this temporary and miserable world, and transmits us into a place where none of the problems here exist.  Logic tells us that life ends in death, but faith tells us that our life is eternal.

The writer of Hebrews was obviously a scholar of Jewish history, but this chapter makes us know that he must have been inspired of God, for his wise conclusions are beyond what the normal mind of a man would be able to recognize.

As we read the stories of these great Bible heroes, we find that their actions were motivated in two ways.  In some of the instances, God had told them what He wanted and had given the leaders orders to follow.  However, in other instances they did things simply because they trusted God to take care of and bless them.  For example, Abraham did what God told him to do in the offering of Isaac, but the parents of Moses hid him from Pharaoh simply because they trusted in God to protect them.

The lesson for us, who live in this present confusing world, is not only to read the Book and do what it says, but to walk with Him so closely that, even when there are no orders, we will do what we intuitively know He wants, and trust the consequences to Him.  It takes a strong and constant faith to walk this path.  That is what walking by faith really means.