Chapter 11

Roy Osborne
October 2013


In Hebrews 11:3, the writer states that God’s Word was His creative power and with it He created the Universe.  To emphasize this, he says that the Universe was not made from material which already existed.  In other words, God, by His own power, made something out of nothing.  The most recent theory, which I have read from the scientists who try to explain the existence and form of the Universe, is called the “big bang” theory.  However, absent from their speculation is any reference to where the material or the power came from, which caused the “big bang”.  Something has always existed.  That something is either material or spiritual.  The design and order of the Universe, plus the creature of intelligence and moral sense called “man”, argues that what existed first must have been an intelligence, capable of creating it all.  From all indications in our search into the history of the world and of man, the logical conclusion is a Creator, and the One revealed in our Bible perfectly fits the pattern.

Verse 6 of this chapter says that anyone who wants to come to God must believe that He IS.  There is much more to this than simply believing in the existence of a Creator.  The statement is followed by the words, “and is the rewarder of those who  diligently seek Him”. This makes believing that He IS mean believing that He IS GOD, with all that that implies.  God is our Creator, and so we are here for HIS purposes and not our own.  As Creator, He is the definer of all truth, and is therefore the only source for deciding what is right and what is wrong.  There can be no argument with His will, nor with anything He stamps as wrong, no matter what we may think about it or what may seem logical to us.  As the supreme Creator, He alone is to be worshipped.  Anyone who takes that position is usurping the position of God, and there can be no greater blasphemy.  All sin is against Him, for He defines all truth, and sin is a violation of His truth.   So only God can forgive our sins, and the only contact we have with Him is through Jesus Christ.  This is what the writer means when he says we “must believe that God IS”.  We must believe that He is GOD, and that means He is all of the things listed here.

So our faith begins with believing (from all the evidence we have) that a supreme intelligence (God) created something out of nothing.  That is not something that man can do, and so, God is outside of our frame of reference and our logical world.  To have real faith, we must believe in that which in our world is illogical and not scientifically provable.   Our world is a world limited to time and space.  What is outside of that limited box must be taken on faith, for there is no science of “origins”.  No mathematical formula nor scientific test has any answer for “origins”.  But from the evidence we have, my conclusion is that the only reasonable answer I can find is “God”. 

However, believing that is not enough.  If I really have faith in that,
then I am responsible to God for my very existence, and I must react to that responsibility by seeking to do His will.  If I really have faith in Him as God, then I know that He has a purpose for me, and that, being Spirit, He is always present with me.  Such faith causes one to feel a companionship with His Creator.  Jesus, who was God’s Son come to earth, promised His disciples that He would be with them always.  If we are His disciples, that promise is to us .  It should make us comfortable to talk to Him often, seek His direction for our lives and live as if we knew we were always in the presence of God.